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Gum Recession

Preserving your smile and health for years to come.

End Tooth Sensitivity And Rebuild A Healthy Gum Line

Hiding a smile because of receding gums can impact your daily lifestyle. If your gums have worn away because of gum disease or an injury to the mouth, Dr. Khaimov can perform a simple but effective gum recession treatment that corrects this condition. Dr. Khaimov uses a special gum grafting technique to treat gum recession so you can smile with confidence again!

Gum Reccesion Causes

You might have receding gums due to gum damage over the years. Your gums might start to wear away if you are using the wrong type of toothbrush or if you have a teeth grinding habit (bruxism).

For some, gum recession can progress very slowly. It is most noticeable when you appear to have longer teeth since more of the tooth root is showing. If you notice any signs of gum recession, call us for an appointment right away! We can resolve the issue with a simple gum grafting procedure and protect your smile.

Ways of Preventing Gum Recession In the Future

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is essential for keeping gum disease at bay and warding off gum recession. Making some changes in your daily habits can also help prevent gums from receding in the first place. Avoiding habits of chewing on objects or ice will reduce the risk of gum damage.

Other ways you can prevent gum recession:


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“I highly recommend Dr Mark Khaimov, He is very knowledgeable and very helpful, his staff was very generous and his place of work is immaculate and clean. I will definitly be returning with friends and family. When u experience the best it makes seeing the dentist the highlight of my day.” - Liliia Savitska

5 Stars

“I was in the office not too long ago for gum surgery. the office is very clean and state of the art. Dr. Khaimov is who performed the surgery, he was very gentle and very nice, and made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure. I definitely would recommend him. 😊” - Michele Zlatin

5 Stars

“Highly professional, caring, and very high level of expertise. Latest equipment, clean, bright office makes it a good experience. Also, the staff is very pleasant and welcoming” - Ken W.

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