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The Importance of Taking Care of Your Gums

Almost 50% of Americans 30 years and older suffer from a type of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. Gum disease is one of the major threats to an individual’s overall dental health. Unfortunately, many ignore the symptoms and allow their gum disease to worsen. Some symptoms of gum disease include:

  • - Loose teeth or separation
  • - Sores in or around the mouth
  • - Gums pulling away from the teeth
  • - Bleeding gums while brushing or flossing
  • - Tender, swollen, or painful gums
  • - Pus between teeth and/or gum tissue
  • - Chronic halitosis (bad breath)
  • - Change in fit of dentures

Thankfully, Dr. Mark Khaimov, a top periodontist in Nutley, New Jersey provides a variety of surgical services for the treatment of periodontal diseases. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease and is usually best treated with a non-surgical treatment. However, if not treated, gingivitis will continue to worsen over time. As it worsens, gingivitis may progress into periodontitis, in which the gums and bones are at risk for deterioration. In this case, the periodontist will need to perform a more rigorous treatment to reverse the damage. Dr. Khaimov usually treats more severe cases with non-surgical periodontal therapy preceding surgical treatment. After treatment, Dr. Khaimov will provide you with a personalized maintenance and care program that will ensure your gums remain healthy. Fortunately, Dr. Khaimov is able to help treat any and every stage of periodontal disease (insert link for “Gum Disease Treatments” here).

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