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Laser Gum Therapy

Laser gum therapy has revolutionized treatment for periodontal, also known as gum disease. Dental lasers completely rid patients of invasive, cutting or stitching, or risk of post-op infection that traditional procedures undergo. We understand that gum disease can hinder your self-confidence and quality of life. Periodontal diseases are infections that will not only affect your gums but also tooth stability. In some cases, those affected may experience loose teeth or may even lose teeth. However, top periodontist, Dr. Mark Khaimov can proudly make your smile bright and painless with laser gum therapy. Laser gum therapy is a leading, minimally invasive method for treatment of gum disease. It is virtually pain free and gives patients a chance to regain a happier and healthier smile.

How does it work?

The extremely thin laser fiber is inserted between the gum tissue and your tooth. It painlessly kills off the harmful bacterial infection that causes gum disease, removing the inflamed pocket linings by forcing the bacteria to absorb the laser energy. This significantly decreases, if not completely gets rid of any sub-gingival bacteria. After, the laser is inserted once more to sterilize the gum tissue and promote healthy healing.

Dr. Khaimov is located in Nutley, New Jersey and offers a number of virtually painless laser gum therapy procedures to best fit your dental concern. Some treatments include frenectomy, osseous surgery, or gum grafting. Conventional procedures often include invasive surgery to get rid of the diseased tissue. However, laser gum therapy is non-invasive and consists of passing the laser over the affected areas to kill the harmful bacteria. Not only does it clear the infection, laser gum therapy actually aids in regenerating gum tissue. After laser gum treatment, gums immediately begin their healing process.

Recovery is quick and immediate with revolutionized laser therapy due to the laser’s ability to seal blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerve endings. , Dr. Khaimov will follow up with proper periodontal maintenance to make sure your gums heal correctly and you are capable of achieving the bright, painless smile you desire.

September 2018

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