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Tooth Extraction & Socket Preservation
Ensuring Your Smile is Here To Stay

Why Do I need Tooth Extraction and Socket Preservation?

Whenever teeth need to be removed, for dental implants or otherwise, we take the proper measures to ensure that your health and appearance are preserved. Tooth extraction may be necessary due to teeth being damaged beyond repair, overcrowding of teeth, the effects of gum disease, or to prepare for orthodontic treatment.

When the bone that holds the tooth in place (the socket) is damaged by disease and/or infection it will result in deformity of the jaw after the tooth has been extracted. In these cases Dr. Mark Khaimov uses a socket preservation technique to ensure proper healing as well as keep your smile and jaws healthy appearance.

What Happens After Tooth Extraction?

Several techniques can be used to preserve the bone and minimize bone loss after an extraction. In one common method, the tooth is removed and the socket is filled with bone or bone substitute.

It is then covered with gum, artificial membrane, or tissue stimulating proteins to encourage your body’s natural ability to repair the socket. With this method, the socket heals eliminating shrinkage and collapse of surrounding gum and facial tissues. The newly formed bone in the socket also provides a foundation for an implant to replace the tooth.

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